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Flights to Ponta Delgada from EUA

Ponta Delgada, with 68 809 inhabitants, is the largest city on the island of Sao Miguel and the Azores. This varied and dynamic city displays a mix of modernity and tradition, with beautiful ancient buildings and monuments living in harmony with the most contemporary and cosmopolitan city spaces.

Portas da Cidade, Ponta Delgada, Açores 

Population  |  65 718 (2001)

Language  |  Portuguese

Currency  |  Euro €

Country  |  Portugal (S. Miguel Island)

Area  |  231,90 km2

Time zone  |  (GMT-1)

Among the main attractions in Ponta Delgada are the whale and dolphins watching activities, "Portas da Cidade" (City Gates), three imposing arches built in the eighteenth century that represent the main entrance in Ponta Delgada and "Portas do Mar", a complex with several commercial spaces which features excellent restaurants and terraces overlooking the sea and a natural pool.
We would also like to highlight the excellent cuisine, which includes meat and fish of the best quality, completed with exquisite regional pastry.

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SATA offers several daily flights to Ponta Delgada, departing from Lisbon, and weekly flights from the USA, Canada and Europe.