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If you are fond of the European culture and its charismatic, historical cities, we recommend a few cities SATA regularly flies to: 

Amsterdam - Holland

Amsterdam, Holland, Europe

Population  |  2 332 773 (2013)

Language  |  Dutch

Currency  |  Euro €

Country  |  Netherlands

Area  |  219 km2

Time zone  |  CET (UTC+1)

Amsterdam is pointed out by many travelers as a favorite. With a charismatic, cozy environment, it has more than 50 museums (some world famous as the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum) and dozens of canals that cross all city and give it an even more picturesque, enchanted touch. Known as an open-minded, diverse city, Amsterdam has a joyful night life, internationally renowned restaurants and an endless number of attractions that you can easily find by foot or bicycle. + info

Copenhagen - Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe  

One of the best ways to know Copenhagen is by boat. During an approximately one hour tour by the canal, you can view the main tourist areas of this impressive European city: the Opera House, the Amalienborg Palace, the Christiansborg Palace, the magnificent Black Diamond Library and the famous Little Mermaid, one of the world’s most photographed statues.   

Among places as Christiania, an auto-governed city located in the center of Copenhagen, inhabited by several open-minded artists and with very peculiar houses, to the Tivoli Gardens with its flowery fields, roller coasters, frantic cafes, live music and crowded breweries, many are the reasons to visit this vibrant city. + info

Population  |  1 181 000 

Language  |  Danish

Currency  |  Danish kroner DKK

Country  |  Denmark

Area  |  43,098 km2

Time zone  |  CET (GMT+1)

Paris - France

Torre Eifel, Paris, França

Population  |  2 211 297 (2008)

Language  |  French

Currency  |  Euro €

Country  |  France
Area  |  105,4 km2
Time zone  |  CET (GMT+1)

Paris is widely known through Cinema and Literature as the City of Lights and Art. But Paris is so much more… With 200 museums and monuments, it welcomes an artistic, historical and cultural heritage like few European cities.

All the time in the world is not enough to explore a city like Paris, but if your visit is brief we suggest saving a day to engage the unique romantic environment the city offers. On the other days, don’t miss a visit to the Eiffel Tower, symbol of the city with 34 meters, 10.100 tons and 1.665 degrees, the Champs-Élysées, the unavoidable Louvre that exhibits 35.000 works of art (from the 350.000 of its collection) and the Arch of Triumph built between 1806 and 1836, as a celebration of Napolean’s Great Army victories. + info

London - England

Londres, Inglaterra, Europa  

In one of the biggest cities in Europe, there is all you can imagine to delight any good traveler: Architecture, History, Heritage, a varied multicultural environment and lots of entertainment.

With all kinds of excellent quality museums (most of them free) and an architecture that mixes historic buildings with the most modern architectural works, in a unique and involving way, London is worth of an extended visit. Pass by Westminster, enjoy the Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, the Picadilly Circus area and its famous building with giant Coca-Cola and other labels’ neon advertisements, shop at Oxford street, the most famous shopping street in London and travel through London’s History at the charismatic Tower of London, immortalized by Television and Cinema.  

You must visit the city’s most alternative area: Camdem Town, where you’ll bump into Rastafarians, punks, gothics, hippies and Indies. For a trendier walk we recommend Nothing Hill with tempting 60s and 70s styled vintage shops and houses painted in several pastel shades. + info

Population  |  8 278 251 (2011)

Language  |  English

Currency  |  Pound sterling £

Country  |  England

Area  |  1579 km2

Time zone  |  GMT

Stockholm - Sweden

Estocolmo, Suecia, Europa  

With the reputation of being one of the cleanest, most organized and safest cities in the world, Stockholm has its particular charm that involves all the city, from Architecture that mixes avant-garde style with medieval style, to the design, jewelry and crystals exquisite stores.  
Located in islands of astonishing beauty, it’s a city where it’s a pleasure to walk, rambling slowly and absorbing all the enchantment of the streets full of well-preserved buildings and monuments.

The city also offers many excellent quality museums, most of them free. Don’t miss the Vasamuseet that houses the only 17th century war ship of the world. You must also visit the Royal Palace, the Storkyrkan Cathedral and the Nobel Prize Museum. + info


Population  |  871 952 (2011)

Language  |  Swedish

Currency  |  Swedish krone SEK

Country  |  Sweden

Area  |  188 km2

Time zone  |  CET (UTC+1)

Dublin - Ireland

Dublin, Irlanda, Europa  

Birth of celebrities as the authors: George Bernard Shaw, Bram Stoker, Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, William Butler Yeats, Samuel Beckett and James Joyce (author of Ulisses); actors such as Colin Farrell and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and big bands like the U2 and The Corrs, Dublin is one of the most exciting cities you can visit. With a medieval fairytale like environment, suggested by old constructions as charming castles surrounded by grass fields, Ireland’s capital city has a joyful, welcoming and prater population. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that this lively city has a big night life tradition where Guiness, the local beer, is the main star. At the Temple Bar area you will find the main pubs and touristic spots.    


Dublin is also a city of big traditional festivals which happen mostly every week. The most popular festival, St. Patrick’s Day, happens in March and attracts tourists from all over the world. + info

Population  |  525 383 (2011)

Language  |  English

Currency  |  Euro €

Country  |  Ireland

Area  |   114,99 km2

Time zone  |  GMT