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Security SATA Internacional

SATA Internacional has the commitment that security is a fundamental operational priority according with aviation regulations.

Such culture is communicated throughout the Company and commit the organization to:
1) The provision of resources necessary for the successful implementation of the policy;
2) The compliance with applicable regulations and standards of SATA Internacional;
3) The promotion of security awareness and the establishment of a security culture;
4) The establishment of security objectives and security performance standards;
5) The continual improvement of the security management system;
6) The periodic review of the policy to ensure continuing relevance to the organization;
7) The adoption of industry best practices for security management;
8) The continual management review and improvement of the SeMS and security culture;
9) The development of objectives for the measurement of security performance;
10) Imperatives for including operational security in the description of duties and responsibilities of senior and front line management;
11) The promotion of a non-punitive reporting system that encourages reporting;
12) The communication processes that ensure a free flow of information throughout the Company.

By this security policy , SATA Internacional shows the clear and genuine commitment by its Senior management to the establishment of a security culture. This policy also defines the organization’s fundamental approach toward security and that security is expected to be viewed, as important to the sustained growth of the Company, by all employees and external service providers.