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Security SATA Air Açores

The safety policy developed by SATA Air Azores, in terms of security, is a top priority of the airline, as well as of the entire group. The applicability of this policy depends on a concerted and structured effort, according to the goals spell out by the SATA Air Azores Security Manual.

The safety policy by SATA Air Azores includes following guidelines:
1) The Director of Security is responsible for the implementation, review and annual update of all policy and security procedures in the SATA Air Azores Security Manual (Manual SEC SP). This way, each year a request is made to the Administration for the resources needed to meet the necessary safety goals.
2) The Director of Security is responsible for adopting the best practices for security management, goal development by taking into account the improvement of the execution of security measures. Also, ensuring the continuous improvement and development of the management systems and culture of security.
3) Training, monitoring and dissemination of the Manual SEC SP throughout the entire company, using the appropriate mechanisms, will ensure a culture of security. SATA Air Azores promotes the dissemination and use of the anonymous reporting OD-SEC-004 security as a way to encourage reporting of any incident or another security related issue.
4) The Director of Security is responsible to see that communication and dissemination of safety related information is provided to the entire company in a comprehensive and direct way.

The Administration and Director of Security appeal to the commitment of all SATA’s employees in fulfilling the goals and procedures related to security. Security is a collective action to which the company is strongly committed -and where the participation and awareness of each person is crucial to success.

Due of the importance this process, SATA Air Azores values its commitment to build a security policy built on the adoption of a preventive and participative behavior of all its employees to the benefit of the organization.

Jaime Pacheco
Security Manager SATA Air Azores