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SATA Reduce Waste Production



Overall produced waste
Hazardous waste
(Oil, solvents, contaminated cloths, etc.)
Non-hazardous waste (Paper, tires, wood, plastic, etc.)
Recycling rate
Number of spills
  › 37,9 t
› 8,8 t
› 29,1 t
› 68%
› 1


Evolution of the quantity of waste produced at SATA

Produced waste (t) 2011 2012
Hazardous waste 4,9 8,8
  Recycled 4,42 7,02
  Disposed off 0,4 1,78
Non-hazardous waste 23,7 18,9
  Recycled 23,7 18,9
  Disposed off 8,3 10,2
Total 36,8 37,9

The year 2012 witnessed a 3% increase in the quantity of produced waste in relation to the previous year.


Did you know that SATA implemented a Waste Management and Prevention Plan?

SATA implemented a Waste Management and Prevention Plan that is common to all of the group’s companies. This plan establishes the best available technologies and techniques for recycling, preventing, reusing, and storing waste, as well as good management practices, in order to the quantity and/or harmfulness of produced waste.
It also intends to establish the methodology and responsibilities for collecting and transporting all waste produced by SATA.

Promoting waste separation

Recycling is for SATA more than honest citizenship or a good habit; it is a duty.


Aware that its waste production may have adverse impacts on the environment, SATA is intending to reduce such impact through the reduction, elimination, or even correct disposal of waste managed by licensed operators.
Hence, in 2012 SATA provided collection containers for the workplace for the collection of packages, plastic, paper, and glass, thus providing the necessary conditions for all SATA employees to cooperate in waste separation.
SATA is a member of SPV - Sociedade Ponto Verde, is registered at Valorpneu, SRIR - Sistema Regional de Informação Sobre Resíduos (Regional Waste Information System) and SIRAPA - Sistema Integrado de Registo da Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente (Integrated Registration System for the Portuguese Environmental Agency) as a result of its package and package waste management, which is out for the regional and national market, as well as importing tyres.