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Safety and Quality SATA Air Açores

SATA Air Açores positions itself in the air transportation industry to meet the needs of its customers, mainly in regards to the safety and reliability of the operation, punctuality of flights and passenger comfort.
SATA intends to be an added-value and a reinforcement of the Azorean identity, assuming commitment of the Organization to continual improvement of the management system, sustainability practices and social responsibilities, which ensure to SATA employees safe and healthy working environment for personal satisfaction and respective career progressions.
Having an operation whose main operational objectives are based on an integrated safety and quality management system, which prevents physical injuries and property damage, it is company’s intention to have “zero accidents” and to eliminate damage to equipment and property, attributed to human factors and to the non-compliance of legal requirements.

To meet the terms of its mission, SATA is committed to:
Comply with regulations and legal requirements of EU-OPS; EASA Part M and Part 145; JAR FCL; ISARPs; ISO 9001:2008 and Lei 102/2009;
Ensure, by monitoring, preventive and corrective actions, to comply with safety, security and quality requirements in the various valences of the company, including maintenance of aircraft, installations and equipment and in performing support functions of Operation;
Encourage, throughout the organization, a confidential and non-punitive policy to report events, hazards and/or concerns resulting from or associated with human performance in operations, which are potential to the occurrence of undesirable incidents and accidents during flight or during the maintenance and aircraft support;
Identify, in a timely manner, the hazards and assess risks in order to, thereafter, eliminate or reduce them to acceptable levels;
Implement environmental management tools, through the implementation of techniques and equipment, aimed at preserving the quality of life in surrounding communities.

While the Quality Manager is responsible for implementing the Quality System, the responsibility for developing, implementing and managing the Safety System is assigned to the Safety Manager. This responsibility includes the authority to establish system elements, to specify internal safety reporting, investigation, inspection and awareness requirements and, also, chair the safety committee.
Responsibility for implementing the Flight Safety and Quality element rests with senior management of SATA Air Açores.
Each department manager is held accountable to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to prevent incidents and accidents.
The Quality Manager and the Safety Manager report to myself, the Accountable Manager, and have direct access to all departments, regarding aviation safety and quality issues.
The provision of the necessary resources for the implementation of the safety and quality policy will be granted by me, the Accountable Manager.
All employees are required to cooperate with the quality auditors and adopt the standards and procedures set forth in the SATA Air Açores Safety and Quality Systems.