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Preserve Biodiversity

perservar  With a view to continuous improvement, SATA evaluates the impact its activities may have on biodiversity, focusing on the following principles:

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Promotion of activities that have a positive impact on biodiversity.

Support of nature-preserving initiatives.

Integration of biodiversity within SATA's overall activity.


Involvement of all employees.

Promotion of the Azores.

Partnerships with biodiversity-related organisations and entities.


With the implementation and certification of the Integrated Management System, SATA is eminently qualified to manage its impact on biodiversity and conduct initiatives within each biodiversity principle.

grey harp seal

The Fly Greener spirit lives on!

SATA has joined forces with this project promoting the International Year of Biodiversity for yet another decade, coming together with many airlines, as well as AIRBUS, in defending a future of harmony with Nature.
United nations

Direção Regional dos Assuntos do Mar has sent a thank you letter to SATA for their cooperation in recovering a young grey harp seal, which was hurled onto Porto da Ribeirinha on January 24th.
SATA cooperated in transporting the animal from Horta to Lisbon, which was a total success.
The thank you letter commends the helpful cooperation of SATA’s cargo terminal employees in Horta throughout the entire process, from reception until the transportation of the animal.



sata forest   sata forest
SATA Forest Furthermore, in the field of the Fly Greener mission, the environmental awareness project SATA Forest began in 2011 in cooperation with SPRAçores - Sociedade de Promoção e Gestão Ambiental, and the current Sociedade Gestão Ambiental e Conservação Natureza – Azorina S.A.; this represents a valuable cooperation in the Plan to Manage the Basin of Furnas, which includes land cleaning and forestation of areas for fighting eutrophication (excess of nutrients) at Lagoa das Furnas, among other goals.

In October 2012, SATA signed a protocol with Sociedade Gestão Ambiental e Conservação Natureza – Azorina S.A, in order to:
Contribute towards the sustainability of the ecosystems and environmental balance of the Azores, particularly the Basin of Lagoa das Furnas;
Recover the protected landscape of this Basin;
Carry out the essential measures and actions within the Plan to Manage the Basin of Lagoa das Furnas;
Provide SATA passengers with carbon offsets from all the travelling;
Inform and engage SATA employees and passengers on the project for the recovery of Lagoa das Furnas.