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Optimise Resource Consumption


Consumption of public water*
Consumption of electricity*
Consumption of aircraft jet fuel
Consumption of diesel from other vehicles and equipment*
Consumption of paper
  › 7.137 m3
› 1.214 GJ
› 3.219 mil GJ
› 36.404 litros
› 20 toneladas

OtimizarCost reduction by means of consumption control and monitoring will lower SATA’s ecological footprint, thus promoting Environmental Sustainability.


SATA has prepared and made available a leaflet on ‘Water and Energy’ with ‘tips’ for rational water and energy consumption.

In 2012, paper consumption fell 9% in relation to the previous year as a result of digital documents instead of paper.
Paper consumption (t) Paper consumption

Dynamic Efficiency Project

Jet fuel consumption for the aircraft fleet (103 GJ3)

In 2012, aircraft jet fuel consumption fell 4% in relation to the previous year achieving the quantity of 72 182 tons. The operational projects Efficiency and You, which began in 2012, and Dynamic Efficiency Project (DEP), which began in 2011, provided their contribution to this outcome by implementing measures for rational fuel consumption, particularly:
Optimisation of the cost index determining the most economic flying speed by minimising the ratio between operating costs and the cost of fuel;
Flight plan dynamic update;
Whenever possible, using the optimum cruise flight level;
Minimising the use of APU - Auxiliary Power Unit;
Using different take-off settings depending on the runway;
To taxi an aircraft after landing using one engine, as long as conditions allow it;
Increasing engine wash regularity.
* These consumption results were taken from aerodrome monitoring (Corvo, Graciosa, Pico, and São Jorge). In 2013, SATA intends to develop and implement a consumption monitoring methodology for the different resources within the remaining areas.