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Moving UP


How does SATA monitor service quality?
Following the Quality and You project, the need to ensure that the guidelines are in fact fulfilled became obvious, for which the Moving UP programme was created and initiated in April 2012 in stores and contact centre, and will be extended in 2013 to the air crew and airports.
It should also be noted that this programme was based on the aircraft assistance activities, that is, it intended to measure the service quality of their customers, the airlines.
Later on, it was extended to all company activities as to monitor SATA customer satisfaction – the passenger as follows.
The tools used in this service quality monitoring program for passengers are mystery customer visits, internal audits, and satisfaction surveys.
The year 2013 foresees 400 internal audits and 550 mystery customer visits to be carried out every three months.
  Customer satisfaction survey
This analysis is carried out by SATA by means of a passenger satisfaction survey within the several corporate areas. The year 2012 has shown improved results in comparison to the previous year.


Annual evolution of complaints

An increase in complaints of 28% was observed in comparison to 2011 (from 2 277 to 2 922) and a decrease of 40% in comparison to 2010.
The increase in complaints was essentially due to several strikes and operational irregularities throughout 2012.


Performance regarding the guidelines
The results from internal audits show that SATA employees are complying with the established guidelines with compliance rates above 80%.


Congratulations to SATA!

The Quality and You project resulted in an improvement in performance within the different indicators used to monitor customer satisfaction. These results are due to the thorough and regular supervision of the Moving UP project, which identifies in due time the opportunities for improvement to be carried out in the future as to allow for excellent results. A few of these opportunities are emphasised below; some were carried out in 2012, while others are to be implemented in 2013.


Developed initiatives

Ancillaries or Additional Services

In February 2012, the Customer Experience team and Information Systems created the Ancillaries or Additional Services. These innovative services provide the customers with a series of advantages, such as:
E-mail suggestions on the purchase or reservation of these services right after reservation has been made, and in some cases six days prior to the trip comes a new intelligent rent-a-car and hotel suggestion for the length of stay observed on the reservation;
The possibility to book and pay in advance for greater on-board comfort, that is, you may purchase online, through the contact centre or the stores, at any given time. The revenues achieved through this purchase have already been quite significant in just 11 months within 2012, bringing the number up to €136 291.

Kiosk Check-in

SATA passengers are now able to check-in through a new service: kiosk Check-in. This will allow for the entire data process to be controlled without third parties intervening, and then you may obtain your boarding pass quickly and autonomously in kiosks at the airports of Lisbon and Ponta Delgada.

SATA Events

SATA Events was launched in October 2012 aiming at connecting in a direct and personal fashion SATA’s offer to the event/partner in question. Access codes are provided for each event, and after entering customers notice a personal page with the image and previously agreed conditions with the partner.
The main customer advantages are:
Access to detailed and organised information on events;
Access to fares and special transportation for events;
Opportunity to request sponsorship proposals for events;
All needed for booking travel as well as ticketing, the whole process is done online.
For more information on this initiative, please click here.

Increase in the number of counters supporting the contact centre in passenger warnings

In order to decentralise and take greater advantage of the available resources – an opportunity which arose through a decrease in activity of some stores -, this project has enabled a very important support from those counters in terms of passenger warnings, where passengers will be informed more rapidly of flight changes or other booking circumstances requiring a telephone call. Counters at Flores and Funchal joined this decentralisation in 2012.

Collective shopping

It should also be noted that the new website was launched with an innovative platform for collective shopping, which you may look up at here.

Some initiatives to be completed in 2013

Remodelling the sales counter at Lisbon’s Store;
Launching individual in-flight entertainment;
Reviewing the call back process;
Restructuring fare groups in terms or product and non-available fares;
Selling tour packages when exiting the USA and Canada;
Renewal of the mobile application.




Furthermore, in the field of frequent SATA flyers, SATA IMAGINE, several campaigns were carried out in 2012, in order to respond to their needs and attract new customers.
Main campaigns:
Euro 2012;
Azores in party;
New Year in Paris;
USA/Canada plus 10 000 miles if you join the SATA IMAGINE programme.

Number of frequent flyers in 2012 - SATA IMAGINE members

SATA IMAGINE enrollments in 2012