Governance Model

Good governance is extremely important in SATA’s practices and management. Its entire universe – from shareholders to employees – operates in a responsible and ethical manner following the standards of conduct recommended by international good practices.

Ethics and Conduct   Governance Model Principles
In 2010, Quality&You was accomplished at SATA with the aim of promoting SATA’s strategic reorganisation by setting the guidelines for creating an organisational culture focused on the customer and their satisfaction.
The Code of Ethics and Conduct followed this project with the aim of bringing employee behaviour in line with the project’s goal. This code was reviewed in 2012 and established commitment, sets standards for operating, and guides all company employees – whatever their position job or labour agreement.

Conflict of interests.
Integrity with the market.
Segregation of duties.

  SATA believes that all interested parties must be involved, thus ensuring that all corporate or strategic information – as well as all related internal and external changes – must be broadcast in a true, responsible, coherent, and genuine fashion. The existence of the supervisory body writing about SATA’s financial and economic situation contributes towards the shareholders making informed decisions that are in touch with reality, promoting the principle of transparency and integrity with the market. Control and segregation of duties are also encouraged internally, which are presumed to be of added-value to corporate strategy.
Code of Ethics Principles  

Code of Ethics Principles
Management Bodies    
SATA’s governance structure is based on the Latin Model, which foresees the existence of three management bodies, the duties of which are perfectly established in the articles of association, as well as their operational rules.



The General Meeting Board analyses and approves the individual and consolidated financial statements, considering the profit and loss for that fiscal year, changes in equity shares, increase in equity and contracting loans (under the foreseen conditions). It also analyses and approves the strategic guidelines and elects the members of the corporate bodies establishing their remuneration.

General Meeting Board

SATA Air Açores
Chairman Noé Venceslau Pereira Rodrigues
Vice-Chairman Cristina Paula Ribeiro Amaral
Secretary Joana Torres Decq Mota

SATA Internacional
Chairman Carlos Eduardo da Silva Melo Bento
Vice-Chairman Sara Cristina Brum de Medeiros
Secretary Joana Torres Decq Mota

SATA Gestão de Aeródromos
Chairman Noé Venceslau Pereira Rodrigues
Secretary Joana Torres Decq Mota

Supervisory Board

SATA Internacional
Chairman Rúben Mota Cordeiro
Member Catarina Isabel Furtado Pacheco
Member Vera Silva Amaro
Member Marco António Fernandes Chaves

The duties of the Statutory Auditor are in line with SATA’s articles of association, where they must supervise the company’s management in terms of abiding the applicable law, articles of association, and regulations, as well as checking and writing considerations on the individual and consolidated financial statements when performing internal audits so that the established Portuguese standards are complied with.

SATA Air Açores
Effective Duarte Félix Tavares Giesta
Substitute Catarina Isabel Furtado Pacheco

SATA Internacional
Effective UHY & Associados - Manuel Luís Fernandes Branco

SATA Gestão de Aeródromos
Effective Catarina Isabel Furtado Pacheco
Substitute Duarte Félix Tavares Giesta


To manage the company’s businesses and decide upon the social object, which is of their full responsibility. They should also approve SATA’s main management goals, policies, and guidelines, and supervise and ensure that these are in line with the activities to be developed in order to satisfy and maximise the shareholder’s interests.

Composition of the Board of Directors

SATA’s Board of Directors is composed by four directors whose responsibilities and areas of expertise are very well established within the business.

António Teixeira 

Dr. António Teixeira

President of SATA Air Açores, SATA Internacional, SATA Gestão de Aeródromos.

  Ana Azevedo

Dr. Ana Azevedo

Executive Director of SATA Air Açores, SATA Internacional and SATA Gestão de Aeródromos.

  Vitor Costa

Dr. Vitor Costa

Executive Director of SATA Air Açores, SATA Internacional, SATA Gestão de Aeródromos.

Filipa Rosa

Filipa Rosa

Non-executive member of the SATA Air Açores Board of Directors, elected by the workers.