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Information | Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) - General provisions on the adopted procedures

The SATA Group airlines, SATA Air Açores and Azores Airlines, report that they have been permanently monitoring the evolution of the new Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak and that they have implemented all recommendations issued by the Health Directorates (Regional and National), as well as by the competent entities, namely, the national aeronautical entity, ANAC, the IATA (International Air Transport Association), by the World Health Organization (WHO), by the European Center of Disease Prevention and Control.

In this context, when faced with the confirmation that they transported a suspected or infected passenger with Coronavirus, the procedures that were established are triggered, namely the identification of the area in which the passenger traveled, to isolate the contour perimeter.

Following this identification, the list of passengers traveling with the referenced passenger is sent to the competent health entity. From the crew's point of view, the elements that ensure the flight are also identified, so that a quick contact with the health authority is established. On land, in collaboration with the airport entities and the Health Department, probable points of contact are tracked, to inform employees who may have been close to the infected passenger. These measures are always coordinated according to the SATA Group’s contingency plan, following its guidelines and procedures that were previously defined by the Health authorities.

In cases where the suspicion of an infected passenger is revealed on board, during the flight, the cabin crew are properly instructed and prepared, and the operational procedure was reinforced due to the new Coronavirus outbreak. All aircraft were equipped with Prevention Kits, which add to the First Aid Kits that already exist on board. The necessary means to protect the remaining passengers and crew have been reinforced. 

 When a suspicious case is detected onboard, the Captain informs the airport of destination, so that the planned measures are taken, in conjunction with the airport entity and the health authorities of the respective airport of destination. In these cases, a more specific procedure for cleaning and disinfecting the aircraft is also established, with a greater incidence in areas of direct contact with the passenger, which takes place, preventively, under suspicion, following the instructions issued by the competent international entities.

At the same time, airlines, in cooperation with health organizations, have made information available to and updated to their passengers, through the usual means of communication, namely the carriers' website and onboard the aircraft, to raise awareness of the need to observe the simple rules of individual protection, which must be adopted.