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Who should I contact in the event of baggage problems?

In the event of any problem with your baggage, you must contact SATA Lost and Found Services or Handling Agent at the airport of arrival. Or in case this has not been done, passengers should submit a written complaint to the airline the soonest possible. In case of delay of registered baggage, it must be done within 21 days, and in case of damage, within 7 days, in both cases from the date on which the baggage was placed at the passenger's disposal.

    For missing baggage during the first 5 days, passengers should contact the Lost & Found Service at the airport where the complaint was made and the report filed, either to SATA services or to Handling Agents contracted by SATA for this purpose. Five days after the report was made, it is transferred to SATA’s Central Baggage Service, integrated on Customer Care, Product and Customer Management, at SATA Headquarters, where the baggage search continues for a longer period, and to where passengers may contact through the email: lost.found@sata.pt, telephone: (351) 296 209 047 or fax: (351) 296 672 098, to get the latest information on their claim, or to send additional information, such as content lists or new contacts (address or telephone).

    For damaged or pilfered baggage, passengers should always contact SATA Services at the airport where the claim was made and the report filed, this for mainland Portugal, Azores and Madeira. For reports filed at airports outside of Portugal, passengers should contact the airline via email: lost.found@sata.pt, telephone: (351) 296 209 047 or fax: (351) 296 672 098.

    After the report has been filed for missing baggage, passengers can track the baggage recovery process at www.sata.pt, through the option: Check baggage file; “World Tracer”.