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Residents in Azores and Madeira

  Resident Discount Resident Semi-Flex Resident Flex
Fare Class T, U, V Q Y
Residents in Azores travelling within archipelago, to Madeira island or Mainland;
Residents in Madeira island to Azores.
Personal identification (Citizen Card /  Passport) and VAT account card must be presented at check-in time for elegibility purposes. (+ info)
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Baby Discount (0-23 mths)
Without seat - 90% 
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Child Discount (2-11 yrs)
S4 - n/a
SP - 50%
Flight Changes* S4:
Payment before the originally flight scheduled time - € 100
Payment after the originally flight scheduled time - € 150
SP: not allowed.
For reservations made 48h before departure - changes are not allowed
Payment before the originally flight scheduled time - € 50
Payment after the originally flight scheduled time - € 100
No-show fee varies with route: 27€ - 38€
No-show: 15€
Minimum Stay S4 - Saturday to Sunday
or 3 days
SP - No limit
Saturday to Sunday
or 2 days
No limit 
Maximum Stay
12 months
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Hand Baggage
Maximum - 8 kilos
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Checked Baggage
Maximum - 20 kilos
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At same time with credit  card
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Cancellation and Refund n/a Before departure: 100€
After departure: x
S4: ok
no-show - 15€
SATA IMAGINE Miles varies with fare class 100% 125%
Priority Check-in n/a n/a n/a
Exclusive Embark and Disembark n/a n/a n/a
Lounge Access n/a n/a n/a
Magazines and Newspapers n/a n/a n/a
Meal on Board S4 - ok
SP - n/a
S4 - ok
SP - n/a

The conditions are valid for a ticket used in full, and when flight coupons are used in sequential order.
* If the originally purchased fare is not available for the new dates, you may have additional charges.

   ok - applicable     n/a - not applicable  
S4 - flights operated by SATA Internacional between Azorean archipelago and Mainland/Madeira.
SP - flights operated by SATA Air Açores within Azorean archipelago.


Note: Tickets with classes O and A has different rules, that can be checked here.