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The Best Way to Start Your Trip!

The Skybags option is now available for regular SATA Internacional flights (except flights to the United States) leaving Lisbon Airport.

This service offers residential check-in and passenger baggage pick-up, and serves Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra lines. Skybags is certified by INAC and complies with all security requirements.

Skybags sends an identified and uniformed employee to the address specified by the passenger (home, office, hotel, etc.) the evening before the flight to pick up baggage and collect Skybags service fees and any excess baggage fees.

On the day of the flight, the passenger simply shows up at GroundForce’s no-baggage check-in counter at Lisbon Airport at least 40 minutes prior to departure to receive a boarding pass and baggage claim tickets, without the inconvenience of carrying bags or waiting in long check-in lines.


To use the service, contact Skybags at 808 20 2003 or www.skybags.net.