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SATA Internacional

From the Azores to the World

A subsidiary of SATA Air Açores and licensed to operate outside the Azores, SATA Internacional originated from the conversion of Oceanair, an airline purchased by SATA Air Açores in 1994.

After 50 years operating between the islands of the Azores, SATA began operating non-regular charter flights for domestic and foreign tourist operators in 1995 using a Boeing 737/300.

The company’s name changed from Oceanair to SATA Internacional on March, 19th 1998, and on June 17th the company received its air operator’s certificate, thus becoming an independent company.

Today, SATA Internacional uses four Airbus A310/300 and four Airbus A320/200.

SATA Internacional’s flight maintenance and operating services are organized according to JAROPS requirements, the highest possible standards of European aeronautical authorities.

In 1998, SATA Internacional won the right to operate between Lisbon and Porto/ Ponta Delgada and between Funchal/ Ponta Delgada.

Today the airline flies regularly to destinations such as Lisbon, Porto, Funchal, Frankfurt, London, Manchester, Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam, Zurich, Copenhagen, Boston and Toronto. From the outset it has run and is still expanding a significant charter operation. The Dominican Republic, Cuba, Tenerife, Las Palmas, Lyon, Exeter, East Midlands, are just some of the destinations visited over the past years.

We have finally achieved our goal: to offer flights between the Azores and the world.