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Technical Abbreviations

Abbreviation Technical Term
A/m amperes per metre
bar bar = unit of pressure in liquids/gases
Bq becquerel = unit of radioactivity
ºC degree Celsius
Ci curie = unit of radioactivity
cm centimetre
ºF degree Fahrenheit
ft feet
ft2 square foot
ft3 cubic foot
g gram
g/m2 grams per square metre
gal Imperial gallon or United States gallon
Gy gray
h hour
Hz hertz
in inch
in2 square inch
in3 cubic inch
J/kg joule per kilogram
K Kelvin = unit of temperature
keV kilo electron volt
kg kilogram
kgf kilogram force
kg/m2 kilogram per square metre
kPa kilopascal
lb pound avoirdupois
lb/ft2 pound avoirdupois per square foot
lb/in2 pound avoirdupois per square inch
L litre
m metre
m2 square metre
m3 cubic metre
µm micrometre
MeV mega electron volt
mCi millicurie
nCi nanocurie
µCi microcurie
mg milligram
mL millilitre
mm millimetre
mm2/s square millimetre per second = unit of kinematic viscosity
mR/h milliroentgen per hour
mrem/h millirem per hour
mS/m millisiemens per metre
mSv millisievert
µSv/h millisieverts per hour
N newton = unit of force
N/mm2 newton per square millimetre = unit of mechanical strength (tensile, compressive strength)
Ω/m ohm per metre
oz ounce avoirdupois
Pa pascal = unit of pressure or stress
pt pint
qt Imperial quart or United States
R/h roentgen per hour
rem/h rem per hour
s second = unit of time
Sv sievert
W/m2 watts per square metre
W/m/K watts per metre per Kelvin