By choosing the passenger type, applicable fares can be selected in advance:

Regular: Passengers who are not eligible for special fares.

Resident in Azores: Passengers residing in Azores and travelling within the Archipelago, or between their island of residence and Portugal Mainland /Madeira.

Resident in Madeira: Passengers residing in Madeira and travelling between the Madeira Island and the Azores or passengers residing in Porto Santo Island and travelling to Funchal.

Student: Student passengers aged 12-26 travelling between their place of study and place of residence. Applicable to inter-island travel in the Azores and Madeira Archipelago and between the Azores and Portugal Mainland/Madeira.

Senior: Passengers aged over 65 and travelling within the Azores Archipelago.

Tourist in Azores: Non-resident passengers visiting the Azores Archipelago. Applicable with the presentation of a valid inbound ticket to the region.

Adult + travel companion: Two passengers travelling together within the Madeira Archipelago. Applicable to round-trip travel on the same day, with the simultaneous purchase of two tickets.